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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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opposite. it has not been updated in any way. to an end every night at 8:00 to the show that's the sworn enemy of line, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. here's "the five" ." >> jesse: i am jesse watters along with kibler guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld periods 9:00 new york city and this is the e five." president trump has taken fire from critics on the left and the right for three days over his initial response to the white nationalist violence in charlottesville on saturday. today he fired back in a combative news conference as trump tower. >> president trump: i didn't wait long. i wanted to make sure unlike most politicians that what i
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said was correct. not make a quick statement. if the statement i made on saturday, the statement was a fe statement. you don't make statements that a direct and less you know the facts. it takes a little while to get the facts. you still don't know the facts. it's a very, very important process to me and it's a very important statement. >> jesse: he repeated his assertion that many sides are at fault for the chaos that erupte erupted. >> president trump: what about the old left that came charging at the old right? do they have any semblance of guilt caught mark let me ask you this, what about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands and swing clubs, do they have any problem, i think they do. as far as i'm concerned, that was a horrible, horrible day. i'm not finished.
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i'm not finished, fake news. that was a horrible day. i will tell you something, i watched those very closely, much more closely than you people watch dates. you have a group on one side of that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say that but i'll say it right now. >> jesse: he didn't stop there there. >> president trump: i think there is blame on both sides. you look at both sides, i think there is blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. there were people in that rally, if you look, there were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of robert e lee. i'm sure in that group there were some bad ones, the following day it looked like they had some rough, bad people. neo-nazis, white nationalists,
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whatever you want to call them. you had a lot of people in that group or there to innocently protest and a very legally protest. i don't know if you know, they had a permit. the other group didn't have a permit. i only tell you this, there are two sides to a story. >> jesse: very brave and honest press conference, pulled no punches today. he said two things very interesting. the reason he gave that initial statement about the both sides, he didn't know all the facts at the time he wanted to keep it low profile. he did say there were people on the left that came charging in to fight and they were armed to the teeth and i said that to juan that the other day. how do you think the president performed the afternoon? space bar i thought he was really on message and on point at those comments, whether or not some people receive them or not, the president should have been confident in the way they delivered them, and the message consistency. today he went more on the
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defensive because he was trying to react to some of the criticism for people who said it wasn't enough. what i did pick up on this was he obviously had watched tapes back and had done some investigation to try to figure out exactly what transpired, what preceded the incident, to somebody to at least give him some briefing about that. nevertheless, what else do you have to gain by relitigating this and doubling down on it? he already gave the statement, the only criticism was that was a very good statement but should have come sooner? now he's taking everybody on what this is who president trump is, it's who donald j. trump is. he feels that he's been aggrieved because people are not being fair, the media in particular in terms of their analysis and criticism of what he said yesterday. now it's back to the combative nature and its him against the whole news media.
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>> jesse: brutally honest, people would say to honest. he did say there were a certain segment of the white nationalist population that weren't racist, they were just protesting the removal of a robert e lee statue in a peaceful way with a permit. does the fact that he delineated that so specifically help him or hurt him. >> jesse: maybe it hurts them, i don't really know. here's the thing, i think there is a deception being made in the media, the false belief that hateful speech is created by a single man, donald trump. i believe and i believe this for a while, almost all hateful speech is a pendulum. it begins from one side, because it comes so suffocating it creates its own reactions. for the longest time, we've seen a lot of heat from the left. i would say for a couple years
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whether it's on the radical elements of black lives matter, not all blm but there were some. you look at anti-fa who had free reign over protesters in oakland and berkeley and portland who could away with it emma i always feel like a lot of this hate stuff is a pendulum. what happens is people get passed off because no one gets a about us. if you think the left wing violence is justified, wait to see the right wing pilots, that's good to be justified too. all the scrimmages remind me how unique america is and how fragile it is, we aren't about tribes. it was about rejecting tribes, you left that stuff behind, were all americans and it didn't matter. we had slavery, it was hypocrisy that we talked about there being no tribes but we had the slaves.
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right now what we're seeing is to reject tribalism of all kinds but you have a radical islam which is a tribe. you have the taliban, boca hormone. you have white nationalism and black militancy, these are all tribes. were trying to hold together, were trying to say we don't need to do this stuff. every day we try to do that. i think donald trump and his clumsy way when he was running for president and he was saying make america great again and i know a lot of people that's a dog whistle. for me, it was i'm tired of the tribes. why can't we go back to the day that we didn't have tribes, we aren't black americans, hispanic americans, we aren't muslim
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americans, we are americans we need to get rid of this. it's hard for people to hear that. if you look at all the problems happening around the world, it's pure tribalism that he's trying to reject that. >> jesse: that was something he mentioned in his inaugural address, america needs to reject all the tribalism. from a communications perspective he gave a really nice statement yesterday, he was extremely combative and took a lot of questions. would you have advised them to do that? >> dana: i think it doesn't matter what i advise because clearly it's not working. i thought he would pay no political price had he distanced himself from the old right once and for all, the safe harbor you're seeking, i've got you, no problem. >> jesse: how did he say that? >> dana: when he is trying to delineate between the two. >> jesse: let me ask you a question, when you're saying you don't want robert e. lee statue is removed from public spheres in the south, does that make you
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a racist? >> dana: that's not what i'm saying. >> jesse: that's not -- >> dana: i know this is your world at the moment. -- >> jesse: that's what donald trump was trying to say. >> dana: you're a better communications director for him that i would've been. you think it was the united the right conference and coming with tiki torches and all the weapons and everything? they absolutely one-third to negate that. >> jesse: there were people obviously bringing weapons to a rally that was unacceptable. this is going to happen now all over the country were there's people that are upset with the removal of confederate war heroes from the public sphere. this is where to happen all the time. >> kimberly: let her finish her point. >> dana: i do think calling out the lefts of violence is important, the woman reporter
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that was hit in the face was done by an anti-fungi. antifa guy. i think it was an important thing to say and i think it's not going to stop and it is a cult of violence. i think there's a difference for people who think that whites are a better race than anybody else. i think that is a sin, i think it's despicable and i think we fought a war over it. and we wanted and the president has to continue to try to leave the nation in that way. i think it's not entirely without reason to listen to some of your critics and think maybe they got a point. i'm on twitter, i see it every day. the president he can stay at 34 to 40% approval rating for his presidency, great. he'll probably win reelection, i think if it were held in a year, he'll probably win again, that's just the way that our elections -- our letter to set
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up right now. he's doing some good things, i love his infra- structure points, he's actually right and i would've loved to talk about infrastructure tonight and how he's going to change that and make it better. but instead we have to go right back to where we were on saturday. the reporter we talked about yesterday, she did report for "the new york times" about the hateful violence on both sides. that is not something new that he came up with. >> jesse: trump will never accept defeat in an argument and that's what he always has to prove himself right. juan, you're looking at the president today. didn't give any ground when it comes to both sides, how do you feel about that. >> juan: i didn't understand why he felt the need to double down. he had some healing or at least some leeway given the statement yesterday to move on. instead he has dived back into the mess. in response to what you were saying, there is no equivalence between the two groups. >> jesse: one is a racist hateful group and the other is a
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bunch of counter protesters looking for trouble. >> juan: i don't know if they're looking for trouble. >> jesse: they came with sticks and shields too. >> juan: they came to protest against people who were armed, carrying torches. >> jesse: violence any time unacceptable. >> juan: what i say that to people who battled the in world war ii? >> jesse: there's a way to peacefully protest in america. >> juan: what these folks did as they came to armed with guns. the people who were the ultimate, the kkk came with guns. not only that, let me just tell you it's not in terms of black folks. what they did it gets overlooked. what they did in terms of saying it to. >> jesse: of course the white supremacist are despicable human beings that shouldn't exist in america and don't
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embody any american values. at the same time what donald trump said today was there is a part of society that said if were just good to bring confederate statues. that's the difference between that person and someone that's wearing a cloak. he made the difference and that was a braid statement because a lot of politicians want to have. >> juan: i don't know why you're feeling the need to defend the donald trump or the outright. people standing up for american values, -- >> jesse: call me a yankee come i don't care. it >> juan: they stand up and come to defend themselves. in some case there's some bad actors but these people are defending american values and you want to equate them in with people who stand outside synagogues with weapons. >> juan: there are a bunch of
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neo-nazis and a bunch of degenerates. >> jesse: people came up to fight them and you should be violent in america. >> juan: david duke said it was fine with us, richard spencer said it came from a p.r. hack. >> jesse: i don't even know who richard spencer is. >> greg: can i address something about the actual numbers of how many people were there, there were a thousand bystanders and may be 300 or so of the altar right and alt left. people came looking for a fight. it wasn't like they weren't used to seeing a response. both came looking for a fight, it was american gladiators. there were a thousand bystanders may be 300 or 400 other people. this is dictating coverage of all networks and world interest 7 billion people on this planet,
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320 million people in the united states. we are focusing on this thing, because a woman died. these things happen all the time, we've had 30 incidents like this. the reason why it's different just because somebody died. somebody was bound to die in this because we were somehow entertaining the idea of mob fights but there was something we could show and play. we knew it was good to happen it was a mistake of the police not to separate them. i think that was an error. >> jesse: .03% of the population, the fact that the media is focusing on this this skirmish, i know a woman died. it's not representative of american society. >> juan: i would agree with that. >> jesse: people are fanatic that people exploited for race. >> juan: immediate was
6:16 pm
standing with the swastikas calling out we will not be replaced by? >> jesse: this city was the capital of the resistance. >> juan: you keep ranting and raving. >> jesse: i'm not renting. >> juan: that's why dana couldn't get a chance to speak a minute ago. when you see a series of leading american businessman who signed on with donald trump say you know what? not only does my company not stand at this, i personally as a matter of conscience feel i need to move away. >> jesse: he's taken a p.r. hit, i agree. >> juan: you don't feel anything of your soul you don't see the darkness? >> jesse: you actually think of defending white nationalists? enough. my point is both sides came ready to rumble. trump pointed that out because he knew he did know everything that was going out on the ground
6:17 pm
and he got castigated for it and then he made up for it, took a bunch of questions and then shut it down. >> juan: he shut it down. i think by everybody's measure at this table except yours he has reopened this in a terrible way not only for the country but for himself. >> greg: we did get to the part about the executive, i do think the public resignations are done to protect themselves from being seen as somehow tainted for some maybe it is bread, it is virtual singling. i'm not like them. >> jesse: one black lives matter kill people? provocative comments about white house aide steve bannon, you'll hear it here for yourself. remember all the hysteria last week about president trump's tough talk over north korea, it appears to be working, a very
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♪ >> dana: president trump promised fire in fury if north korea attacks mama, that may have resonated. they want us to know their prepared, according to these new propaganda photos showing him reviewing plans showing missiles near guam. the trump administration remains interested in the dialogue with the north but it's awaiting any interest from pyongyang. the first standoff between kim jong un and president trump was won by president trump, not just the comments and rhetoric but the diplomacy to get china to weigh in. >> greg: there's something going on behind the scenes. a couple of interesting facts. i talked about how powerful the media can be and how powerful the lens can be, when the lens
6:23 pm
turned away this weekend to charlottesville, no one talked about north korea. i believe that for some reason, that allowed kim jong un the time to slip away without any shame. nobody's going to notice the spirit of let's be frank. if president trump may be terrible as a tupperware party but he's really good in a street fight. you can lose the skirmishes but if he wins the wars, i'll forgive him. what's happening now is we talked last week or two weeks ago about -- we were disputing his harsh language. if that's in the rearview, that's a tumbleweed in the rearview mirror now. the harsh link which appears to have worked. he might have been wrong in his response to 300 people in charlottesville but was correct in a single threat against 320 million people. i would take that any day. this guy can handle kim jong un and if he's bad at dealing these domestic disputes, and he's a
6:24 pm
great cop then i'm okay with him being a clumsy dad. i guess. >> dana: it had not been without controversy or some criticism, john bolton had this to say on fox. >> i'm appalled at this. i don't think it represents where president trump is. susan rice, barack obama's national security advisor wrote and said on talk shows this past weekend that 25 years of policy including hers and obama's was a failure. we should now accept a nuclear north korea. tell her son and mattis are saying we're going to take those failed policies and keep pursuing them. i think the legacy of the trump administration is a nuclear north korea. >> dana: a little bit of criticism at home from somebody in the foreign policy world, what you make of that? before i think the president admires ambassador bolton and ambassador bolton saying he disagrees with the current secretary of state, two at a
6:25 pm
certain extent with mattis. i find this to be very interesting because he remains a key player in this and somebody the president has his eye on. >> dana: one. >> juan: a couple things here, the u.s. and south korea still going ahead with military practice, it begins august 21st. that creates a lot of anxiety among the north koreans. nonetheless, it's important for the u.s. to say that we are resolute, we're not backing awa away. i do notice that south korea doesn't think that president trump's language has been helpful. i do notice that the chinese don't think so although the chinese based on what happened at the u.n. are sending signals to the north koreans that they should bring down the rhetoric. >> dana: i have a theory that
6:26 pm
the south koreans were able to say that about president trump's rhetoric at being too much but it's only because the president gave them space to be able to do that and that was more for the south korean domestic audience than it was meant for us. >> jesse: they are playing a little dance there and that works for south korea considering he's a pretty liberal leader. when i see photos of kim looking at a map on a table of where he's going to hit, it makes me less scared. that doesn't scare me. i think real countries are looking at computerized three-dimensional spatial technology about where to hit, he is looking at a map from the 1950s. i'm not really worried about his accuracy. as a new report he's on steroids and this could be contributing to the fact that he is very angry. >> kimberly: what are you getting that? >> jesse: you didn't see that's what smirk he's taken steroids because he has couch because he likes to eat a lot of cheese. >> dana: also if you don't have iodine in your water, you'll get gouge. >> jesse: he's gouge written
6:27 pm
and it might be explained and what he is so angry. >> greg: i sense a medical segment for sunday on this. i've learned about gout, i've learned about iodine and a steroids. >> kimberly: on the waters world. >> dana: it is wacko, just ask his mom. we love you jesse watters mom. greg, give the lady a history lesson next. affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet?
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6:32 pm
century. never mind the starvation, never mind the deaths. totalitarians were way ahead of their time in. this would be comical that trumps the lack of basic requirements for survival except people died. why not salute the gender equality of cancer? it kills women and men alike. communism resulted in millions of deaths both men and women and it's survived in part because of apologetic westerners creating dishonest defenses of this toxic ideology. "the new york times" was there first. their disgraced reporter portrayed the soviet regime as a paradise, denying that gulags and a starvation and he won a pulitzer for it. you think the times would have learned. now professor makes mass murder seems but they step into good. the times as when a correction about the stats being regarding
6:33 pm
women in the ussr when they had a right to vote, that was the correction they had to. as if that was the only error. how blind must you be to run this story? i guess they figured anyone who could dispute this lie is already dead. that's the beauty of socialism, everyone dies before you get around to asking. you're an esteemed journalist, how does this get published? how does this get published? you would not have run this at "the washington post" ." >> juan: if i was the editor, it wouldn't have run. it seems pretty ridiculous. i don't understand it. this is a professor at the university of pennsylvania, it's not a joke. she is making the case that don't forget somehow women had more orgasms, women who were living outside of this socialist
6:34 pm
space. >> greg: based on an obscure study of east germans. it's so awful, it's an apology for death, that's what it is. >> dana: to remember when bret stephens went to "the new york times" in his first column was about climate change and it was suggesting that climate change wasn't -- i i don't want to put words in his mouth. they called "the new york times" over and over again, everybody cancel your subscription. this goes under the radar? is talking about women's rights in every other page of the newspaper? >> greg: this was the worst time to live, the worst time for being a woman or a man. there was forced starvation's, 40 to 60 million people killed. >> kimberly: unbelievable suffering and starvation, i think this is a fake news, i don't believe this at all. >> greg: does it surprise you at all? >> jesse: socialism is for
6:35 pm
lefties, it's not as much of a turn on. look at venezuela. is the times for russia? or against russia? >> greg: they are for old russia. >> jesse: if they are pining for the old russia. "the new york times" as a company isn't acting very communist, they are cutting jobs, laying off people, pitching pennies to make sure the bottom line makes the shareholders happy. i don't know if they have anything figured out. >> juan: the reason they made it about is because women it's said head jobs and paychecks, suddenly they were sexually liberated. this comes back to what i don't understand, there was no sexual revolution. >> greg: there were no women in power at all and what were their jobs?
6:36 pm
>> jesse: mail order brides, that was a big industry for a while. >> dana: the lady here is worried that the daughter is less happy and a new capitalistic bulgarian she has less leisure time. >> greg: cnn won't air another trump campaign ads but will show it to you anyway next ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased...
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for a cleaner, fresher, ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. ♪ >> kimberly: president trump has released a new campaign at that targets his enemies in the media and congress. >> career politician standing at the way of success. of president trump plan is working. 1 million jobs created, more americans working than ever before. unemployment growth since 2001. the stock market all-time record
6:41 pm
highs. the presidents enemies don't want him to succeed up with americans are saying let president trump do his job. >> kimberly: cnn won't air it, the campaign executive director called this censorship. the network and said it would accept the ad if images of reporters and anchors are removed, anchors and reporters don't have enemies as the ad says. it's the second time cnn has refused to run a pro trump spots. you prepared a lot for this segment. >> greg: she knows i took a nap today. >> jesse: how do you know? >> dana: let's slow the role and what can bring in knows and what she doesn't know. >> greg: i did take a nap on the couch. there was an ad on fnc that had all of our faces on it and they were making fun of us, i would
6:42 pm
think our bosses would say you're not good to do that because those are our employees, i think they would do the same thing. >> dana: that was our five promo. >> jesse: want to promote? >> greg: i think probably they might do the same thing if there was an ad. >> dana: i think the campaign got its money's worth, they don't care if it runs on cnn, they care if they get a story out of it. they have gotten five times more out of it. >> jesse: cnn needs the money, i'm shocked they didn't take the ad to. they're going to show the body slamming video but they're not going to show a real ad? don't get it. to talk about the ad itself, it's a good ad. i think it frame to the trump presidency it perfectly, he says i'm fighting against the
6:43 pm
establishment, and fighting against the mainstream media, and fighting against entrenched interests and every one else is going to slow me down while in going to try to create jobs for the american people, it did a good job except for the voice-over. you'll have to tune in 8:00 saturday. >> dana: never missing a promotional opportunity, what do you make of this? should the errors? >> juan: i don't think of reporters and i know he doesn't like cnn because he had a tweet with a train running over cnn, i deleted tweet. then he pulled it after a car runs over somebody in charlottesville. that's ever the body slamming. a little juvenile, some people think it's a good ad, i think it's his poll numbers are hitting unbelievable lows. gallup has him at 34%.
6:44 pm
>> dana: he was back to 36. >> juan: thank you for the news. he said historic lows, now is time to pump things up. i don't understand, is of the case that just by saying i don't like cnn, i don't like the news, you somehow reassure your base that you're okay despite all the problems? >> greg: your matching the assumptions of an audience that a belief they can't trust a certain group of people, they are being told that they are idiots. cnn and other networks do make people feel like the decisions that they've made are bad. were with you, were not with them. >> kimberly: could steve bannon be next to go? mr. trump addressed the rumors about his age day aid today, hr when we come back
6:45 pm
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♪ >> juan: oh, my goodness. [laughter] back now to the president's news conference today, he was asked earlier about the rumors that his chief white house strategy manager is on shaky ground.
6:49 pm
does the president still have confidence in his top aides? >> president trump: he came on very late, i went through 17 senators, governors and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on much later than that. i like him, he's a good man. he is not a racist i can tell you that, he's a good person. he gets unfair press in that regard. we'll see what happens in it and i think the press treats him unfairly. >> juan: we'll see, that's not exactly heartening to mr. banno mr. bannon. he was involved in fights against h.r. mcmaster the national security advisor, he got in the fight with anthony scaramucci who suggested that he performed and possible act on himself. dana, what is your prediction? >> dana: i thought it was
6:50 pm
interesting, when the president referred to his friend as mr. bannon and steve, i thought that was a tell. you are possibly on the chopping block. if bannon had said that he never expected to last longer than eight to 12 months in this job anyway, by my count in september, that will be eight months. maybe that will come true. it's a very high bar for me to call for someone to be fired i do it very rarely come i think that the presidents choice and i think will happens with mr. bannon. >> juan: at nancy pelosi says he should fire him. rick tyler says you can't allow the oval office to become a vehicle for the ultrarich? >> greg: europe plus until your liability. when your liability, you're gone. he looks at people the way you look at chinese restaurants. i will go through and find a
6:51 pm
chinese restaurant in soho and then in a certain point it does something that bugs me and i'll never go back. and then i find another chinese restaurant because that elitist chinese food. i get salt-and-pepper pork chops which are fantastic, if you've never had them. i urge you to try them. it's one of the under ordered pieces of chinese food. people forget about them. my point is this. he likes something until he no longer like something and he finds something some don't like a somewhat similar. when he started with that, it's a most like his marriages. >> juan: kind of rough. if he gets rid of bannon, does bannon go back to breitbart? does he start attacking trump? >> jesse: breitbart is independent of the bannon right now. >> juan: don't tell mcmaster that. >> jesse: there is a squabble who cares? in any other administration it would be a big deal, if there's a lot of focus on outcome of the
6:52 pm
left wants to take out trump's advisors. i think he's a strong advisor. he's been a very good advisor for the presidents. the presidents doesn't have any more use for steve bannon, that's up to the president. i think steve bannon has been effective. i think he's been a good counsel for the president but listen. they all serve at the pleasure of the president, if he thinks he's deadweight he's going to get rid of him and that's his prerogative. >> juan: now i go to my inside source, miss kimberly guilfoyle. what the reporting suggests it that the new chief of staff john kelly is trying to do away with factions and infighting and things that bannon should go. >> kimberly: there's a lot of infighting there, it's counterproductive. everybody who works inside the white house knows that people were problematic, that don't get along, that are leaking the information, it's doing a disservice to the american people. dana is right that steve bannon
6:53 pm
should expect and think and desire, probably around labor day. i think you want to be there whether by his own choice or not. much after that. >> greg: you don't wear white after labor day. >> juan: it's a good thing i didn't say that. if i had said that, you would be down my throat. one more thing up next.
6:54 pm
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>> juan: in this edition of kimberly's food court, i go on vacation to the outer banks of north carolina and eat crab, clam, to not. best of all, i eat ice cream with my grandkids. i don't have a picture but they gave me a t-shirt with a puppy licking an ice-cream cone. thanks for the free t-shirt and i love the outer banks. >> dana: want is a very good eater. >> greg: nobody ever goes to the inner banks. >> dana: he was sent to the bear grills survival academy to help learn about it, promote the movie, that's the movie that sts elba. they have to fight their way
6:58 pm
back to civilization. it was michael and a bunch of millennials. they are all around us campfire around a long day, who's going to be willing to eat without their? take a look at what happens? >> you could either eat the scorpion or the tarantula. he ate the tarantula, washed it down with wine. >> greg: i thought fox news was survival academy. i haven't done one of these in a while. i hate these people. if you work in any kind of
6:59 pm
company, this is probably happened to you if you have a boss or a manager, getting ready to go home for the weekend and they email you or call you, let's catch up on monday. i need to have a meeting on you monday. who does that to people. i'm not saying it did or it didn't. if you need to meet with an employee, why not just meet, call them on monday morning question work don't make them think about the meeting all through the weekend. that's a really dirty little trick. it didn't happen to me. >> kimberly: today is a special day, today is the birthday of my brother anthony and there he is with my father, happy birthday to my baby brother, i love him to pieces. i helped raise him after my mom passed away, i'm super close to them and i love him so much i'm super blessed to have them in my life.
7:00 pm
>> jesse: we are out of time, one more thing, dana perino and her dog fixation, were going to get to that later. set your dvrs for the next episode of "the five," "hannity" is up next. >> many thanks to all of our friends, this is a fox news alert. president trump sets the record straight about the violence and child spill, it was an epic beat down of the liberal mainstream establishment media. they are now in full complete panic meltdown mode. unlike president obama, the president said he'll wait for fax to come out instead of rushing to judgment on things like this happen. that is tonight's very important breaking news, calm opening monologue. once again, we have to give you news and information you will not get it from the destroyed trump establishment media. despit


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